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Chongqing is one of the four municipalities administered directly by the central government of China (the others being Beijing, Shanghai and Tianjin).Surrounded by water on 3 sides, Chongqing is situated at the confluence of Changjiang River and Jialing River. With beautiful hills and mountains the "Mountain City" has long been reputed for its wonderful scenery. To its east, you may enjoy a sightseeing tour to the Three Gorges on the Changjiang River; to its west, you will acclaim the 50, 000 stone figures sculpted on the cliffs during the Tang and Song Dynasties as the acme of perfection; in its south, the stone forests in Wansheng District seem superlatively made, yet they were created by nature; and in its north you cannot help meditating on the dinosaur fossils of 180 million years ago. The Fishing Fortress in Hechuan has long been widely known. The waterfalls, stones, forests, springs, and outdoor games in Simianshan Mountain in Jiangjing are fascinating. In the city proper. there are attractive Eling Hill, Loquat Hill, Night Scene of the Mountain City, Flowers in the Nanshan Park decorating the mountain city. The East, South, West, North, and Tongjing Hot Springs are like five pearls scattered in the suburbs. The Anti-Japanese Remains present the combat achievements in Chongqing by the Anti-fascist Allies during the Second World War. and the Red Crag Village and Geleshan Martyrsí Cemetery bear the glorious loyalty of the revolutionary seniors. For the city itself, it came into being three thousand years ago and got its name 800 years ago. On December 8, 1986, it was appointed one of the Historical and Cultural Cities of China by the State Council.

With 7 districts, 11 counties and 3 county-level municipalities under its jurisdiction at present, Chongqing is the industrial & commercial centre and foreign trade port in the upper reaches of the Changjing River. It is also the hub of water, land, and air transportation in Southwest China with busy rivers and highways radiating in all directions. The three railways connect Chongqing with all other parts of the country. Airliners here fly to & from 39 domestic cities and charter flights fly directly to and from Hongkong and Nagoya of Japan. Chongqing rich and diversified tourist facilities include over 96 travel agencies, 23 tourist hotels which are entitled to receive foreign guests, 50 other appointed institutions and units that are foreign-related, over 360 deluxe tourist coaches of various kinds, Sichuan dishes, huoguo, and over 100 local snacks. Chongqing is a place every tourist desires to visit. Honorable guests and dear friends, make a trip here and youíll be warmly received by the hospitable Chongqing people.


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