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Our professional China tours team specializes in arranging high quality China tours and other tours and travel related services. Please Email Us should you have any questions or Get a Free Quote regarding any tours you have in mind. All the China tours are private, highly personalized for travelers who expect to have high quality travel service in China. We provide luxury and inexpensive China tours with reasonable prices to travelers. A private China tour will cost a lot less if you have it arranged with a customized tour itinerary by High Quality China Tours. Each program of the China tours is tailored to your personal interests, requirements and needs. High quality is our name and so is our motto to provide you good value travel service.

New to China? About China introduces you to the basics of China, the country, people, history, culture, food and cuisines, arts and entertainment, and information you need to know about travelling in China.

China is rich in history and culture. Each city has its uniqueness such as dialect, food and culture. Because of its geographic size, China has vastly different geological scenery throughout the country. The Attractions section lists all the major attractions in China by alphabetic order. High Quality China Tours can arrange private tours to all these tourist areas.

FAQ answers the frequently asked questions about traveling in China.


Beijing -- Capital of the People's Republic of China
Beijing    Forbidden City    Great Wall    Hutongs    Ming Tombs    Summer Palace  Temple of Heaven   
Tian'anmen Square
Chengde -- Summer Mountain Resort
Chengde Outer Eight Temples    Fengning County    Mountain Resort   
Weichang County
Chengdu -- "The Land of Abundance"
Chengdu     Bronze Goats Palace    Dujiang Dam    Giant Panda's Habitats    Huanglong   Jiuzhai Gou    Manjusri Temple    Mount Emei    Mount Qingcheng    Osmanthus Lake Park    Precious Light Temple    Temple of Marquis Wu    Thatched Cottage of Du Fu  Tomb of Emperor Wang Jian    Wangjiang Tower Park
Chongqing -- Starting Point of Yangtze River Cruise
Chongqing    Chongqing Museum    Fengdu    Grotto Art in Dazu County    Loquat Hill Park    Northern Hot Springs Park    Three Gorges   
Yangtze River
Dali -- Pearl of the Yun-Gui Plateau
Dali    Butterfly Spring    Erhai Lake      Mount Cangshan   
Three Pagoda Temple
Datong -- World Famous Ancient Grottoes
Datong    Hanging Monastery    Huayan Monastery   
Yungang Grottoes
Dazu -- A Speleological Art Museum
Dunhuang -- 2,000-year-old Oasis
Dunhuang   Crescent Moon Lake    Echoing-sand Mountain    Mogao Grottoes    The Art of Dunhuang Caves   
The Buddhist Art of Dunhuang
Guangzhou -- Capital of Guangdong Province & South Gateway to China
Guangzhou    Bright Filial Piety Temple    Dr. Sun Yatsen's Memorial Hall    Temple of the Six Banyan Trees    Western Han Nanyue King Tomb Museum   
Zhenhai Tower
Guilin -- Beautiful Scenery and Landscapes
Guilin  Diecai Hill    Elephant Trunk Hill    Fubo Hill    Li River Scenery    Reed Flute Cave   Seven Star Cave    Solitary Beauty Peak   
Hangzhou -- "Paradise on Earth"
Hangzhou   Five Major Museums in Hangzhou    Lingyin Temple    Mausoleum of General Yue Fei    Six Harmonies Pagoda   
West Lake
Hohhot -- Capital of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region
Hohhot    Dazhao Temple    Five-Pagoda Temple    Gegentala Steppe    Mausoleum of Genghis Khan    Ten Thousand Avatamsa Kasutras Pagoda    The Great Mosque  Wusutuzhao Temple    Xialamuren Steppe   
Zhaojun Tomb
Hong Kong -- Pearl of the Orient
Hong Kong
Huangshan -- Mountain of Beauty
Jiayuguan -- Westernmost End of the Great Wall
Jiayu Pass
Jinan -- City of Springs
Jinan Black Tiger Spring    Daming Lake    Five-Dragon Pool    Mount Tai    Pearl Spring Spurting Spring   
Thousand-Buddha Hill
Jingdezhen -- A Must for Porcelain Lovers
Jiujiang -- A Historic Military Stronghold
Jiujiang Dragon King's Palace Cave    Gantang Lake    Small Solitary Hill    South Gate Lake   
Stone Bell Hills
Kaifeng -- One of the Six Ancient Chinese Capitals
Kaifeng Dragon Pavilion    Imperial Street    Iron Pagoda   
Prime Minister's Temple
Kashgar -- Oasis in the Desert
Kashgar Abakh Khoja Tomb    Bazaar    Id Kah Mosque    Karakuri Lake   
Three Immortals Buddhist Caves
Kunming -- Capital of Yunnan Province
Kunming Bamboo Temple    Black Dragon Pool    Daguan Park    Dianchi Lake    Golden Temple Stone Forest   
Western Hills
Lanzhou -- Capital of Gansu Province & City on the Silk Road
Lanzhou Bingling Temple Grottoes    Five-Spring Mountain    Gansu Provincial Museum   Iron Bridge    Maiji Mountain Grottoes   
White Pagoda Temple
Leshan -- Home of World's Largest Stone Buddha Statue
Leshan    The Great Buddha at Leshan   
Wuyou Temple
Lhasa -- Capital of the Tibet Autonomous Region
Lhasa Barkhor Street    Drepung Monastery    Jokhang Temple    NorbuLingka Park   Potala Palace   
Sera Monastery
Lijiang -- A Famous Ancient and Cultural City
Lijiang Baisha Frescoes    Black Dragon Pond Park    Jade Dragon Snow Mountain    Old Town    Stone Drum & the First Bend of Yangtze River   
Tiger Leaping Gorge
Luoyang -- Ancient Capital
Luoyang Longmen Grottoes   
White Horse Temple
Nanjing -- Ancient Dynastic Capital
Nanjing Linggu Temple
Ming Xiaoling Tomb    Not-to-worry (Mochou) Lake   Qinhuai River    Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum    Yangtze River Bridge    Zhanyuan Garden    Zhonghua Gate
Qinhuangdao -- A Famous Summer Resort
Qinhuangdao Beidaihe Beach    Meng Jiangnu' Temple   
The First Pass Under Heaven
Qufu -- Hometown of Confucius
Qufu Confucius Mansion    Forest of Confucius   
Temple of Confucius
Shanghai -- Largest Commercial City
Shanghai City God Temple    Jade Buddha Temple    Longhua Pagoda & Longhua Temple   Nanjing Road    People's Square    Shanghai Museum    The Bund    TV Tower of Oriental Pearl   
Yuyuan Garden
Shenzhen -- A Special Economic Zone
Shenzhen China Folk Culture Village    Splendid China    Window of the World   
Xilihu Lake
Suzhou -- "Heaven on Earth"
Suzhou Canglang Pavilion    Fisherman's Garden    Hanshan Temple    Humble Administrator's Garden    Lingering Garden    Lion Grove    Tiger Hill    Tongli   
Taiyuan -- Capital of Shanxi Province
Lofty Benevolence Monastery    Longshan Grottoes    Memorial Temple of Jin    Shuanglin Monastery    Tianlongshan Grottoes    Xuanzhong Monastery   
Yongle Palace
Tianjin -- Seaport City
Tianjin Garden of Tranquility    Great Benevolence Temple    Palace of the Goddess   Panshan Tourist Area, Jixian County    Park on the Water    Solitary Joy Temple   
The Great Mosque
Turpan -- Ancient Stop on the Silk Road
Turpan Grape Valley    Prefect Sulaiman Minaret    Ruins of Gaochang City    Ruins of Jiaohe City   The Underground Irrigation System    Thousand-Buddha Caves at Bozkrik   
Thousand-Buddha Caves at Shengjinkou
Urumqi -- Capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region
Urumqi Heavenly Lake    Red Hill   
South Mountain Grassland
Wuhan -- Capital of Hubei Province & City on Rivers
Wuhan    East Lake    Guiyuan Temple    Heptachord Terrace    Hubei Provincial Museum  
Yellow Crane Tower
Wuxi -- Industrial and Resort City
Wuxi    Huishan Hill    Liyuan Garden    Taihu Lake   
Three Hillocks
Xi'an -- Capital of Shaanxi Province
Xi'an Bampo Nelithic Village Museum    Big Wild Goose Pagoda    City Wall    Forest of Stone Steles Museum    Great Mosque    Huaqing Hot Springs    Maoling Museum   Provincial History Museum    Qianling    Small Wild Goose Pagoda    Terracotta Warriors Museum  The Bell Tower    The Drum Tower   
Xiamen -- One of the Special Economic Zones
Xiamen    Gu Lang Yu Island    Jimei School Town    Shuzhuang Garden    South Putou Temple   
Sunlight Rock
Xigaze -- Tibet's Second Largest City
Tashilunpo Monastery
Xishuangbanna -- A Dense Tropical Paradise
Xishuangbanna    Jinghong City, Black and White Brother Pagodas    Menghai Octagonal Pavilion    Mengla Tropical Rain Forest    Oliver Sandbar in Manghan   
Wild Elephants Valley
Yangzhou -- Ancient Cultural Stronghold
Yangzhou    Grand Brightness Temple   
Slender West Lake
Yichang -- A Gateway to the Upper Yangtze River
Yichang    Gezhouba Dam    Three Visitors Cave   
Tianran Pagoda
Zhengzhou -- Capital of Henan Province
Zhengzhou Ancient Tomb at Dahu Pavilion    Central Mountain Temple    February 7 Memorial Towers    Henan Provincial Museum of History    Mangshan Park    Mount Songshan  Pagoda Forest    Rooster Mountain    Ruins at Dahe Village    Ruins of an Ancient City of the Shang Dynasty    Shaolin Monastery    Songyang School of Classical Learning 
Zhenjiang -- An Ancient Port & Where Rivers Meets Canal
Zhenjiang Dinghui Temple    Gold Hill Temple    Morning Dew Temple   
Precious Ink Chamber
Zhongdian -- Shangri-La
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