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Our professional China tours team specializes in arranging high quality China tours and other tours and travel related services. Please Email Us should you have any questions or Get a Free Quote regarding any tours you have in mind. All the China tours are private, highly personalized for travelers who expect to have high quality travel service in China. We provide luxury and inexpensive China tours with reasonable prices to travelers. A private China tour will cost a lot less if you have it arranged with a customized tour itinerary by High Quality China Tours. Each program of the China tours is tailored to your personal interests, requirements and needs. High quality is our name and so is our motto to provide you good value travel service.

New to China? About China introduces you to the basics of China, the country, people, history, culture, food and cuisines, arts and entertainment, and information you need to know about travelling in China.

China is rich in history and culture. Each city has its uniqueness such as dialect, food and culture. Because of its geographic size, China has vastly different geological scenery throughout the country. The Attractions section lists all the major attractions in China by alphabetic order. High Quality China Tours can arrange private tours to all these tourist areas.

FAQ answers the frequently asked questions about traveling in China.

About China

China Basics
Location & Area
Boundaries & Neighbours
Topography & Rivers
Time Zones
Natural Resources
Family Names
Administrative Division

Tourist Information
Passports and Visas
Hygienic Quarantine
Major Ports of Entry
Chinese Currency
Foreign Currency
Natural Resources
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Telephones and Useful Numbers
Newspapers & Periodicals
Seeing a Doctor
Office Hours
National Holidays
Food and Cuisines
Chinese Cuisines
Imperial Dishes
Vegetarian's Dishes
Therapeutic Dishes
Local Snacks
Chinese Dinner Etiquette
Dining Out
Roast Duck
Toffee Fruits

Culture, Arts and Entertainment
Music and Dance
Acrobatics and Wushu (Martial Arts)
Peking Opera
Festivals & Folklore
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